JFA Are Going Walking…

The JFA are taking on a TEN MILE walk in aid of two charities, close to the community and the association in the shape of Farleigh Hospice and DEBRA.

Anthony Knight, Gary Rayner, Ross Holland & Tony Williams are all in taking part in the walk.

The walk will take place on 13 April 2024 ahead of the Jammers’ home game against New Salamis. Those taking part will start at the old home of Tiptree United, Chapel Road and will finish at the Maldon Stadium.

A online, JustGiving page has been created with an initial aim for raising a minimum of £750 for each charity. Fundraising plans and events will be shared over the coming weeks and months, as those taking part prepare for the challenge.

Click here to view the JustGiving page.

DEBRA is a national charity and patient support group for people living with the rare, extremely painful, genetic skin blistering condition, Epidermolysis Bollosa (EB) known as Butterfly Skin, which the late, Darren Gibbons suffered from. Dazza, as he was known to many at the football sadly passed away in November 2022 in a tragic accident.

As many will know, Farleigh Hospice help patients to live as actively as possible from the point of diagnosis to the end of their life, by providing physical and emotional care, free of charge. The charity has supported a number of families in an around Maldon, including some of our committee members in times of real need.

Those taking part include:

Tony Williams, Richard Buckby, Anthony Knight, Ross Holland, Lee Witney, Scott Mitchell, Terry Baumber, Trevor Browning, Gary Rayner and Steve Birch.

The walk is open to all and members are encouraged to step forward, take part and help raise important funds for the two charities.

If you would like to take part in the walk, please contact the JFA via email on contact@thejammersfa.co.uk.