Statement – Further Update

Following the response from Maldon & Tiptree Football Club (M&TFC) concerning the recent open letter submitted by the Jammers Fans Association (JFA), we are disappointed that they have chosen not to answer any of the points that were raised but appreciate that it’s their right to respond in this way.

We note the contents of the response issued by M&TFC and hope that community collections which have been arranged previously by the JFA will continue. The JFA will continue to support local causes and our ambition to help grow and support M&TFC remains unchanged.

The JFA was formed as a totally independent organisation to support and help promote the Club within the local community, something we feel has been a big success through various food bank and Easter egg collections, in addition to charitable donations and leafleting campaigns around Maldon and Tiptree.

Members of the JFA have never received benefits from M&TFC and this has never been promoted and/or sold to as part of our membership offering. The JFA have previously
donated funds to the club in the form of sponsorship, most recently this season with the player sponsorship of Michael Finneran, prior to his departure. Having carried out some research, we are aware that the majority of 2023/24 season ticket holders are JFA members, which is a positive.

There are many stakeholders within a football club environment, with the fans being one of the most important. Since its formation, the JFA has helped grow and unite the Jammers fan base, with a growing presence at both home and away games despite on-the-field
performances being below par. Again, our commitment to growing this remains unchanged. We urge everyone to get behind Liam and the team as we look to climb the

The appointment of two Fan Liaison Officers, both of whom are JFA Committee members and have been since the JFA formed, is seen as a positive step. We look forward to seeing Alan and Lee’s roles evolve in the coming months.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise and say thank you for the support the JFA has received in recent weeks. The JFA is also aware of a news story which has been
shared in recent local media outlets and we continue to monitor the situation closely. The JFA remain in discussions with the Football Supporters Association for advice and support.
We still maintain hope that both the Club and the JFA can one day restore a working

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday when football makes a long overdue return to Park Drive, when Enfield visit to take on Liam Bailey’s team.

Come on you Jammers!