AGM Round Up

On Monday 27 June, the first ever Jammers Fans Association AGM took place at Park Drive. The meeting was well attended and we were joined by guests, Jerry Carter, Paul Abrahams, Liam Bailey and the Mayor of Maldon, Andrew Lay.

The JFA constitution was accepted by all members present, along with all of the policies which were introduced in January 2022 in addition to a new Charity Donation policy that was presented by Treasurer, Anthony Knight.

Chair, Tony Williams ran through his report which covered the first six months of the JFA being an open association. Tony’s report can be found below.

It was agreed by all members that the membership fee for the coming year will remain the same, at £10 for Adults whilst Juniors can join for free. Treasurer, Anthony Knight provided a financial report for both general business and also for the 100 club and those reports will be made available in due course.

A vote took place for the Officer and Committee roles, which resulted in all officers remaining unchanged.

Tony Williams has been re-appointed as Chair, whilst Anthony Knight continues as Treasurer with both officers taking on a term of two years. Richard Buckby will continue as the JFA’s Vice-Chair, with Ross Holland remaining as Secretary with both sitting term for one year. The existing committee members were re-elected, Roger Stapleton, Alan Taylor, Lee Witney and Graham Mann. Martin Gilbert-Bryan took the opportunity to step down from the committee.

The committee was also grown in size, with four members stepping forward to join the group; Scott Mitchell, Keiran Ribet, Mitchell Ribet and Gary Rayner were all elected on to the community for the coming year. All committee members take term for one year and will subject to re-election at the next AGM.

The date for the next AGM was also set and it will take place on Monday 26 June 2022.

Thank you to all those members who attended both the AGM and the Q&A session with the Football Club’s management team. Detailed minutes from the AGM will be available in the coming weeks.