Alan’s Away-Day Appraisal – Felixstowe & Walton

Tuesday 29th of March, 7:45pm KO

Spring has sprung, clocks have gone forward! It’s a Tuesday night and the Jammers are away.

A one hour car journey to Suffolk . Ross in the driving seat, tunes on the radio and Jamie in the back. We arrive at the ground and enter the car park next to the ground, directed by the volunteer at the gate.

A smooth ride with little traffic and suitable parking space next to a lovely cricket pitch. Easy to find – 7/10

The ground has one turnstile with a gate the other side for disabled access, which also doubles as card payments one side cash the other. The price of entry is the standard £10 for this level of football.

Upon entering the stadium you immediately noticed a substantial amount of stewards and volunteers all in high visibility, in good spirt for the game ahead!

A love set up with a warm and welcoming bar, which has very reasonable prices.

The overall set up of the ground and Bar is one of the best in the league i have seen, very welcoming – 8/10

When it comes to food and what Felixstowe and Walton has to offer, yet again it is up there with the best in the league!

Jamie and Ross both had the burger and recommended it highly. The chips were lovely and what most clubs should be offering, I mean it is not hard to bring a decent chip to the table.

The prices all very good, also have to give a shout out for them doing a veggie burger which os the first time I noticed this at a ground.

After all this the addition of a sweet shop in the clubhouse was a lovely touch and definitely helped them with attracting a younger generation to club.

It is hard to fault them with what they have to offer 8/10

An away day to Felixstowe and Walton will automatically go in the calander for next time 24/30.

I would recommend this to all JFA, hopefully next time it will be a sunny Saturday afternoon where we can get a coach load of fans to enjoy all it has to offer.