Alan’s Away-Day Appraisal – Great Wakering

Saturday 19th of March, 3:00pm KO

A beautiful sunny day, a slight breeze… what a beautiful day for a football game!

A 50 minute car journey, driven by Mr Buckby to the ground. Going past some lovely houses on route. On arrival we entered the car park right next to the ground, tucked away behind housing and surrounded by allotments. The parking bays are small presumably for “small” cars. But nether the less, a decent size car park.

A decent journey and parking space, I give this 6/10

The ground has one small turnstile with a gate at the side for disabled access, the price of entry is the standard £10 for the level of football.

The bar is located outside the stadium, only accessible by leaving through the gates.
A wide range of bottles and spirits are available. There is good amount of seating at the bar as well as a TV which has the horse racing on.

The bar and round are very welcoming as well are the staff 7/10

A lovely laid out kitchen providing well priced food. The burger was not as satisfying as first appeared, but a toasted bun was appreciated. The jumbo hot dog was the highlight with a well cooked sausage, the chips were spot on freshly done and fluffy inside also crisp outside!

Richard also had chips but was left underwhelmed due to the chips being last of a batch.

Even with its hit and miss chips… when it’s good it’s good, only small failings. But add onions into the mix and it’s always a win for me 7/10.

Great Wakering comes away with a 20/30.

Definitely is a must for away days of the future, and I would encourage others to come along for the ride.