Alan’s Away-Day Appraisal – Basildon United

Saturday 29th of January, 3:00pm KO

We start our day at the Washington Road Cafe. Myself, Lee and Richard, fulling up for the day ahead and the trip to Basildon!

A smooth 45 minute car journey, driven by Mr Buckby to the ground. On arrival we entered the car park right next to the ground, we parked easily 2 hours before ko! Sufficient parking for a good crowd.

A decent journey and parking space, I give this 6/10

Once at the ground, there are 2 small turnstiles to pitch side where the main stand is located. Not much seating with the stand before a good 15 yards from the pitch, slight obstical in the way of a floodlight, which is a small distraction.

The bar is located outside the stadium, only accessible by leaving through the gates.
Most of the drinks’ options are bottled or caned due to the draft beers being off!

Toilets in the ground are porter cabins, not disabled friendly.

The facilities and Bar do a job but could do with some improvement 2/10

The refreshments on offer were reasonably priced and cooked burger van style.

The burger was underwhelming to say the least, brought down by the lack luster bun!
The hot dog was the highlight with a well cooked sausage.

When it comes to food the slightly made up for the bad, so very lucky to slide in 2/10 the saving grace being the fair prices and hot dog!

Basildon comes away with a 10/30, leaving them bottom of Taylor Table.

On another day this could be lower, but already having breakfast set me up for the day and put me in a happy mood.

Taylor Table

  1. Barking – 17 points
  2. Basildon – 10 Points