Foodbank Is A Success

Organised by our Chair, Tony Williams, our food bank collection was a huge success with an overwhelming amount of donations received.

Our thanks goes to all those who donated to the cause, including Maldon & Tiptree Football Club, along with Romford, Chelmsford City and all their supporters.

Tony Williams (centre) organised our festive food bank collection

After the collection, Tony Williams spoke to Paul Martin at Sportsbeat;

The inaugural chairman of a new Maldon & Tiptree FC supporters’ group has praised the club’s players and fans for an overwhelming’ response to a festive food bank appeal.

Tony Williams has helped establish The Jammers Fans Association, which will formally launch in the new year, and organised food collections at recent home games against Romford and Chelmsford City.

And after receiving a volume of donations which ‘wildly exceeded’ expectations, Williams hopes the fledgling group can continue to be a force for good in the local community in 2022 and beyond.

“The reaction to it and the amount that’s been donated have been overwhelming, both from within our club and supporters and from the visiting teams as well,” he said.

“The players have donated and got their families involved as well, so it has been a whole club effort. We have since donated the food to the local church in Maldon and it was very well received. The generosity of people has been fabulous, so I’m really pleased.”

“The main reason we set up The Jammers Fans Association is to try and get more fans in,” Williams said.

“After our success in the FA Cup and how well we’ve done in the league, we’ve seen an increase in fans but now we want to capitalise on that and get even more through the gate.

Maldon is quite a big area and we believe there are more fans we can attract, as well as working to offer a more pleasurable experience for our existing fans.

It’s still very early days but we’ll be looking into other charity events and seeing how we can help the local community.”

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