100 Club

What is the 100 Club?

The 100 Club is a monthly lottery run by the Jammers Supporters Association (JFA).  Funds raised are invested in to the JFA at the discretion of the JFA Board, with the aim being to benefit members of the JFA.

How do I join?

100 Club Bank Details

SORT CODE20 – 19 – 97
ACCOUNT NAMEThe Jammers Fans Association 100 Club

How does it work?

  • Each month, 40% of the takings are allocated into a prize pot.  Winners are determined by a random draw including all chance numbers bought in the month. 25% is allocated to first prize and 15% is allocated to second prize.
  • The 60% of funds not returned in prizes are retained by the Association and used for the purposes shown above.
  • The (small) costs of operating the lottery are covered by the JFA and do not affect prizes.
  • The outcome of each month’s draw is posted on the news section of this website and confirmed to all members via email.
  • Winners are notified by email/post and paid by direct bank transfer or by cheque.
  • All participants must be aged 16 or over.

Each £1 100 Club ‘ticket’ purchased before the on or before 27th of a month will enter you into the following month’s lottery.

Example: If you bought £5 worth of tickets on the 27th January those chances would normally be entered into the February lottery, but if you purchased the tickets on 28th January these would be entered into the March lottery.

The JFA 100 Club Lottery is run by the Jammers Fans Association and registered with Maldon District Council (Registration Certificate No. 21/00537).